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Can a DWI Prevent Me From Getting a Job?

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Getting arrested for a New York DWI is a taxing experience for anyone to go through. However, following an arrest is when most people worry the most. People often wonder how their DWI arrest will impact life moving forward.

“Will I be fired from my job for my DWI arrest? Can I get a new job with a DWI arrest on my record?”

Unfortunately, the answers to these questions aren’t completely straight forward.

What Impact Does a DWI Have on Employment Opportunities?

Some employers will fire their employees simply because of an arrest, while other employers will only terminate employees based on what they were arrested for.

Seeking a New Job

When it comes to seeking a new job following a DWI arrest, it can be hard to say whether or not your arrest will come into play. However, there is usually a section with a question or two regarding a criminal record on job applications. Typically, you must answer whether you’ve been convicted of a crime and if your crime is a felony or a misdemeanor.

If this information isn’t on the application, it will likely be discovered when your potential employer runs a background check. Your DWI will not always prevent you from being hired, but it doesn’t help.

Losing Your Current Position

Depending on where you currently work, your recent arrest could mean termination is in your future. If you’re employed somewhere where you have to drive for work, such as a delivery driver or trucker, you can expect to lose your position once your employer finds out.

Another example is if you work in a career that requires a professional license, such as a healthcare professional. Many, if not all of these agencies have specific guidelines in place that have zero-tolerance for arrests of any kind.

Protect Your Future: Our Team Can Help Today

When it comes to keeping your job or finding a new one following a DWI arrest, it’s usually easier for your employer or potential employer to justify letting you go following a DWI conviction than it is after an arrest. Working with a trusted team of Albany DWI defense attorneys will help ensure that you have the best chances of fighting your DWI and protecting your name and future.

Call us today (518) 595-9529 to learn more about how our team can help over a confidential consultation.

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