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Records You Need To Collect After a Car Accident

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While many people tend to go into shock after a car collision, it’s important to collect certain information at the scene as well as after the fact. Let’s discuss some records that are crucial to have as you seek compensation after an auto accident.

1. A Police Report

One of the most important pieces of documentation to have is a police report. This report will contain unbiased information that was collected immediately after the accident. It will describe the accident, damage caused by the accident, and may even explicitly state who is at fault. A police report will be written by the officer who responded to your accident.

2. Medical Records

This documentation will clearly state what injuries you suffered as a result of the accident. You should also obtain financial records from any doctors you visit due to the accident. This not only includes immediate medical care, but also physical therapy or other future appointments. This will help show some of the economic costs of the accident.

3. Vehicle Damage Estimates

After a crash, you’ll want to get an estimate from a reputable and high quality repair shop. This estimated cost will also contribute to how much compensation you seek after an accident.

It’s important to note that some insurance companies will offer lower cost repairs that are often lower quality. We recommend always getting your damage estimate from an independent repair shop that has no ulterior motive when assessing your vehicle damage.

4. Written Accounts of the Accident

You, as well as any other credible witnesses, should write down all information from the accident. This detailed account of events is important to keep on paper, as memory often fades and important details become fuzzy.

Personal Injury Compensation After a Car Accident in Albany

Being able to reference all of this information after an accident is extremely beneficial for your personal injury claim. It will not only help determine who is liable, but also how much compensation would be fair to make up for the damages incurred.

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