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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Attorneys in Albany

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Civil litigation covers a vast range of legal matters, which all require the assistance of an experienced attorney who can represent you and protect your interests. At Schillinger and Associates, PLLC. in Albany, our civil litigation team is experienced in handling a variety of cases, including contract law disputes, commercial litigation, and property disputes. Whether your legal matter is small or complex, you can rely on us to help you achieve the results you deserve.


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Contract Law Disputes

Contracts are enforceable by law, assuming they meet certain requirements that make them legally binding. When there is a breach of contract, and parties cannot agree on a settlement it may lead to civil litigation. The court will need to determine if the contract was enforceable and valid and if each party had a duty to one another. If one party did not meet its obligation to the other, damages may be awarded. 

Our team is experienced in handling matters involving contracts and subcontracts. You can feel confident that our team will work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the best results.


Property Disputes

Civil litigation matters can also come up when it comes to the use, ownership, or transfer of property. Whether you are a tenant or property owner, our legal team can provide the guidance you need to navigate your case. 


Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes can arise when one or more parties in a dispute are a business entity. Examples of these cases include bad faith matters, business torts, construction cases, breach of contract actions, and more. Our attorneys can assist you with your commercial litigation case.

No matter how challenging your case may be, Schillinger and Associates, PLLC. can assist you.


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If you are in the middle of a civil litigation dispute, such as a contract or property dispute, you should not hesitate to hire an experienced attorney to represent you. These matters are often complex and, at Schillinger and Associates, PLLC. in Albany, our team can provide the strong legal support you need to navigate it.

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