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Auto Accidents

Albany Auto Accident Attorney

When you’ve been injured in an auto accident, insurance benefits may not be enough to help. Your bills can go beyond the maximum insurance payout. This leaves you stuck with additional expenses. Furthermore, you could be missing work while recovering, doubling or tripling your debt.

You need a trusted attorney to help when you’ve been hurt. You need Schillinger & Associates. We serve our clients with skill and dedication. Our team may be able to negotiate with your insurance company for a better payout. If necessary, we can help you take the matter to court, holding negligent parties responsible for their behavior.

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We Can Review Your Settlement

Insurance companies often offer you a settlement after a car accident. The offer is attractive, but it has a catch. Ultimately, the company wants to give you as little money as possible. The settlement is an attempt to avoid giving you more money later.

Although you may feel fine now, remember that some car accident injuries are delayed. You could be unaware of the extent of your damage until after you’ve taken the settlement. By then, insurance can easily deny your claim when you request more money. The same can be true for your auto repairs. Some damage isn’t detected at first, and, gone unfixed, can create severe internal damage to your car. 

If you’ve been offered an insurance settlement, allow us to review it first. We can detect tricks and traps in the language of a settlement, and we can help guide you in what to do next. Our team may be able to renegotiate with the insurance company for a more appropriate settlement. If the company is stubborn, we can take the matter to court.

Getting You Money for Your Injuries

A courtroom lawsuit can offer restitution for the time you spent in pain. This is called “pain and suffering” damages. Using complicated formulas, your attorney can negotiate and request a reasonable amount for these damages. Essentially, the longer you suffered and the worse your pain, the more money you can receive.

In some rare cases, a judge may also order punitive damages. These damages are strictly a way to punish the defendant, since the civil court cannot convict them of a crime. If the other driver’s behavior was malicious and willful, you could be entitled to punitive damages.

Direct Compensation from a Lawsuit

Personal injury lawsuits can also pay back your expenses caused by someone’s negligent behavior. Because you are not responsible for your pain, you should not be accountable to pay for the damages.

Here are some of the damages you can receive in an auto accident lawsuit:

  • Medical Expense Compensation

Any money you spent on recovery – visits, prescriptions, surgeries, therapy, etc. – can be repaid in a personal injury suit.

  • Property Repair Compensation

Just like a bodily injury, you can recover any money you spent on repairing your vehicle after an accident.

  • Recovery of Lost Wages

While recuperating, you probably missed some work. This may have caused you to dip into your sick time. If your injury was severe, you may have used all your time, resorting to unpaid time off. Sometimes injuries leave you unable to work altogether.

There are also future wages you may have missed. Perhaps you were on track for a big promotion, or you just earned your degree. If your injury caused you to miss out on career opportunities, this is lost “potential income,” and it can be included in a lawsuit.

We Can Help, No Matter the Vehicle

Whether you were in an accident involving a motorcycle, boat, bicycle, scooter, or any other mode of transport, we are here for you. You could even have simply been a pedestrian, finding yourself suddenly hit by a car. Regardless of the vehicles involved, the rules of liability remain the same. If someone is responsible for your injury, they can be held responsible for your compensation.

If you need help recovering damages from a vehicle accident in Albany, reach out today for a free consultation. Our telephone number is (518) 413-0889, and you can contact us online.

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