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According to the State of New York's Penal Code § 155.05, theft crimes are legally referred to as larceny. State law dictate that larceny occurs when “a person steals property… with intent to deprive another of property or… takes, obtains, or withholds property from an owner thereof.”

New York theft crimes include:

In simplest terms, larceny occurs in New York State anytime a person takes the property of another person without their consent and without the desire to return it. If an individual is accused of this crime, they may be facing serious penalties. To decide punishment, the law splits theft charges into five categories. These categories are based mostly on the value of goods stolen but are occasionally defined by the type of item stolen.

What are the Penalties for Grand & Petit Larceny in New York?

Petit Larceny

Petit Larceny is theft of property valued at no more than $1,000 and is charged a Class A Misdemeanor. Petit Larceny is punishable by up to one year in prison and fines up to $1,000.

Grand Larceny

Grand Larceny is seperented into four degrees based on the vaule of the propertry stolen and are are all charhed as felonies:

  • Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree - Theft of property worth more than $1,000 and is charged as a Class E Felony. This is punishable by 4 years in prison and fines up to $5,000.
  • Grand Larceny in the Third Degree - Theft of property worth $3,000 or more and is charged as a Class D Felony. This is punishable by 7-years in prison and fines up to $5,000.
  • Grand Larceny in the Second Degree - Theft of property worth $50,000 or more and is charged as a Class C Felony. This is punishable by 15-years in prison and fines up to $15,000.
  • Grand Larceny in the First Degree - Theft of property exceeding $1 million is charged as a Class B Felony. This is punishable by 25 years in prison and fines up to $30,000

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Penalties associated with felony larceny are serious and impact a person’s freedom, finances, and reputation in the community. Even after an individual has spent time in prison and has paid all fines, their felony conviction will follow them for the rest of their life.

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