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Gavel on Table for Other Practice Areas PageThe Law Office of Eric K. Schillinger serves Albany, New York state, and beyond with more than just criminal defense charges. Our firm makes sure clients get outstanding representation for all legal matters, delivering quality legal representation in every area of our practice. Our attorney has handled hundreds of cases, equipping us to fight for the best possible results for our clients. We represent individuals in divorce cases, personal injury, estate planning, as well as real estate law.


Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences in an individual’s life. Our firm makes sure clients receive cost-effective representation in their marital issues to ensure that they are resolved as quickly and as possible. If you have any questions regarding the grounds of New York’s no-fault divorce law, you should contact our firm as soon as possible.

Personal Injury

Our attorneys represent people who have sustained injuries due to the negligent or reckless behavior of others. Sustaining injuries because of another person’s negligence result in physical and emotional losses. We are dedicated to helping injured victims recover the compensation they deserve to help them obtain the medical attention they need for their recovery. Our attorney is prepared to develop an aggressive case that holds responsible parties accountable for their actions.

Estate Planning

Creating a will and planning what happens to your property after you pass away is not an easy subject, but it is an important one. It is vital to remember that in an intestacy proceeding, the state’s law decides how your property is divided and who gets what percent of that property—family members don’t get to choose. This means that it is vital to gain control of what happens to your property and contact an attorney for assistance—you deserve to have your hard-earned property distributed how you desire should your life end. Our firm will explain the different options available, so your assets are protected for the benefit of those you love.

Real Estate Law

The Law Office of Eric K. Schillinger also handles real estate matters of all kinds, ranging tax assessment challenges, landlord-tenant disputes, and closings on residential and commercial properties. When purchasing or selling property, it is crucial to have competent legal representation during the negotiation of the contract for the sale of the property. Without a close adherence to the terms of the agreement, the deal you strike can fall through for little reason other than improperly reading the fine print. Avoid these troubles and contact our firm for guidance.

Civil Litigation

Civil justice is the only way regular people can hold other people accountable for wrongdoing. Civil litigation is the broad term for any situation where one person has behaved negligently and caused another person harm (physically, emotionally, or financially). It includes personal injury, but it also includes breach of contract, financial fraud or malpractice, and bad faith insurance practices.

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