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New York Real Estate Laws Matters

Purchasing, selling, or managing property are the most critical transactions in a person’s life. Real estate attorneys make these transactions more secure by rooting them in the law, by ensuring that contracts are both binding and enforceable, and by helping our clients make well-informed decisions about their financial future.

Our team assists with a variety of real estate matters ranging from closing on residential and commercial properties to resolving property disputes. Of all the investments you’re planning on making prior to a real estate transaction, hiring an experienced attorney will be among the most vital (and most cost-effective). Hiring an attorney proactively is far less costly than needing to hire one during a dispute or breach of contract case.

Our firm helps clients with the following real estate transactions:

  • Buying a home
  • Selling a home
  • Foreclosure
  • Construction defects
  • Land use laws
  • Landlord tenant laws
  • Mortgages and equity loans
  • Tax assessment proceedings

Our legal team can assist you with both transactional matters and litigation disputes, no matter what your role may be. Whether you are purchasing real estate, selling real estate, or dealing with a dispute or another type of issue involving real estate or the sale of real estate, we have the extensive experience that is necessary to help you achieve a favorable resolution for your case. Let our knowledgeable attorney protect your interests.

Schillinger & Associates, PLLC. Real Estate Legal Counsel

The Law Offices of Eric K. Schillinger has been the go-to law firm for people in Albany since 2010. Our Albany real estate lawyer has handled hundreds of cases, making sure our clients receive attentive, detail-oriented representation.

We will review a property’s transaction history and title to ensure that the house can be sold and will also help you review or create the contract of sale to make sure it is fair for all the parties involved. We understand that real estate transactions are an important time in our client’s lives. We focus on making sure our clients receive the best possible legal guidance as they take ownership of new property.

If you have any questions regarding real estate law, contact our Albany real estate attorney today for a free consultation at (518) 413-0889.

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