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Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences an individual can face. Schillinger & Associates, PLLC. helps individuals through this stressful process and make sure they receive the most cost-effective representation available. Your divorce could shape your life for the next decade or longer, so it is important that you are represented by a skilled Albany, NY divorce lawyer who will fight to preserve your assets. If you need legal assistance for your divorce, contact our Albany divorce attorney today for a free consultation.

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Is New York a “No-Fault” Divorce State?

When filing for divorce, it is vital to understand the different types of divorce in New York. A common type of divorce filed is a “no-fault”. A no-fault claim is when a marriage has been in disrepair for at least 6-months and cannot be fixed. This legal justification doesn’t require anyone to be held at fault for the divorce.

Finances & Child Custody When Getting Divorced

Filing a divorce is a stressful process, especially if you and your spouse are not in agreement with every aspect of the divorce’s terms. An attorney will guide you through the process to ensure that you can obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Some of the most common issues that arise in a divorce claim include financial issues and child custody.

Some of the most common types of financial issues during a divorce include the following:

  • How to divide assets, like bank and investment accounts
  • Hot to divide debts, like credit card balances and loans
  • What to do with real estate holding, including the marital home
  • How much alimony to provide

Another common issue involves child custody and other related issues, including:

  • What parent has physical child custody
  • Child support decisions
  • Visitation schedules
  • Parenting plan

New York Divorce Attorneys form Schillinger & Associates, PLLC.

Divorces are overwhelming and are often not easy to settle due to disagreements. The support and guidance of an experienced divorce attorney in Albany, NY will help you receive the best results for your divorce. Our firm can help you preserve your assets and can help you have the opportunity for success after this challenging experience.

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