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Estate Planning

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Helping Families Create Wills & Handle Probate Proceedings Throughout New York State

Schillinger & Associates, PLLC. helps clients through the process of estate planning. Estate planning allows people to decide who will receive your assets after you die. It is an essential part of preserving your wealth for your children and grandchildren—or managing your wealth while you’re still alive. Estate planning includes managing assets such as your car, home, real estate holdings, checking and savings accounts, investments, life insurance, and other possessions.

Our firm will help you develop an estate plan to ensure your loved ones keep the valuable assets you worked hard to obtain. Failing to create an estate plan may leave your loved ones unable to divide your estate as you see fit—or worse, subject your assets to heavy taxes.

To ensure your legacy lasts for generations, call an Albany estate planning lawyer today. The Law Offices of Eric K. Schillinger is available for free consultations: call (518) 413-0889 today.

What Happens to My Assets If I Don’t File?

Failing to file an estate plan leaves the state in charge of dividing your assets. Your holdings will be distributed according to New York probate laws. For example, if you are married and you have children, they will receive a share of your assets—only a fraction of what you intended to leave behind. If you have minors in your care, the state will control their inheritance.

The First Step to Estate Planning

You can create an estate plan by creating a will or a living trust. Creating a will gives you control of what happens to your property. Thorough estate management plans will also help your family save substantial amounts of money on death taxes and transfer taxes. Good plans need to be implemented years before a person passes away to be successful. You can also create a living trust. Though a will only takes effect after a person has passed away, a living trust takes effect immediately after it is signed.

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You want to make sure that the people you love are being taken care of, and that the state does not carve up your legacy as soon as you’re gone. To start planning your estate, contact our Albany estate planning attorney today for a free consultation. We have helped hundreds of clients with their legal needs and create estate plans that are tailored for each person’s unique needs. If you have any questions, contact us today at (518) 413-0889.

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